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Gift Request Guidelines

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  1. Led by the incoming President, the Sheridan Rotary Board will plan for gifting for the upcoming year in conjunction with the approval of the budget. An allocation for certain types of gifts will be set as a target, with emphasis on one or two meaningful purposes/projects with real impact. In furtherance of this planning, the Board may consider earmarking a percentage or set amount of fund raising funds. However, the Board intends to remain flexible as needs and opportunities are presented.
  2. A board officer [Treasurer) will be given the responsibility of establishing and maintaining a file on gift requests.
  3. The Board prefers that requests be made in writing. For requests over $1000, we will ask that the request be accompanied by a form. This form will allow the Board to better evaluate such requests and to track such requests for its own purposes. After receiving a request form, the Board may decide to invite the person(s) making the request to a Board meeting to provide additional information.
  4. Gifts over $2500 or pledges, matches, etc. that would commit club funds over $2500 should have the support of a majority of the Board members. The Board will remain mindful of ongoing campaigns and matching programs, so that attention is not diverted from Rotary International efforts and long-term goals.
  5. The Board encourages proposals for matching gifts, and other requests which present opportunities for Rotarians to become involved, show support, or make a difference in our community.
  6. In general, the Board does not grant gifts to individuals.
  7. In evaluating requests, the Board may utilize the "Evaluation of Gift Requests."